Theory as a location of healing

bell hooks (Amerikaanse schrijver, activist en feminist) schrijft: I came to theory because I was hurting – the pain within me was so intense that I could not go on living. I came to theory desperate, wanting to comprehend – to grasp what was happening around and within me. Most importantly, I wanted to make the hurt go away. I saw in theory then a location for healing. (…)

Theory is not inherently healing, liberatory, or revolutionary. It fulfills this function only when we ask that it do so and direct our theorizing towards this end.
Uit: Teaching to transgress. Education as the Practice of Freedom, 1994.

Call for papers: Imagining Contexts for Mental Illness

Submissions are invited for a special issue of the Journal of Medical Humanities on the theme “Imagining Contexts for Mental Illness.” Submissions to be considered include abstracts for articles, short fiction, poetry, personal essays, comics, and photographs.

Voortgang Mad Studies lees- en studiegroep

De deelnemers hebben in april een brainstorm gehouden over wat ons interesseert. Daaruit kwamen de onderwerpen: neoliberalisme en biologische psychiatrie, andere culturen en psychische klachten, het begrip ‘herstel’, eenzaamheid en verbinding. Er zijn tot nu toe zeven bijeenkomsten geweest van de Mad Studies lees- en studiegroep. Naast de thema’s van de brainstorm zijn de volgende onderwerpen aan de orde geweest: woorden, psychose en het religieus perspectief/mystiek, fenomenologie.

We lazen en bediscussiëerden teksten van Ronald Bassman, Ronald J. Berger, Margaret Price, Bonnie Burstow, Wouter Kusters, Rob de Vries, Joanna Moncrieff, Tanya Luhrmann, Michael Goddard, Marina Morrow en Wilma Boevink. En we bekeken het televisieprogramma door Belgische psychiater Dirk de Wachter.

Er zijn 13 deelnemers die regelmatig komen. Er was veel interesse in de leesgroep. Meer dan er kunnen deelnemen. Daarom staan er nu 17 mensen op de wachtlijst.


Tweede bijeenkomst over woorden, identiteit en definities.

Een korte documentaire waarin 12 activisten van de c/s/x beweging uit Toronto vertellen over hoe ze zichzelf identificeren.



De tweede bijeenkomst lazen we artikelen over woorden en definities.

– Margaret Price, Defining Mental Disability Uit: Disability Studies Reader, Lennart J. Davis (ed), Routledge; 4th edition (2013)

-Burstow, Bonnie (2013). “A Rose by Any Other Name: Naming and the Battle against Psychiatry.” In: Mad Matters. A critical reader in Canadian Mad Studies. B. A. LeFrancois, R. Menzies & G. Reaume (ed.). Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc.

– The Transcontinental Disability Choir (2009). “What is Ableist Language and Why Should You Care?” In: Bitch Magazine.

Meer informatie over de Nederlandse anti-psychiatrie beweging en gekkenbeweging.

First post:

The very first MoleMann Tielens Empowerment Tour will take place from September 14th- 22nd, 2013. This “learning experience” will be organised by Rokus Loopik. See his link on the right for more information. Preparation for the trip is now in full effect. Stay tuned for more information.

The mission of the MoleMann Tielens Empowerment Tour 2013 is very simple:

Building and developing individual recovery through mutual inspiration and ultimately taking proven ideas from the United States of Amsterica back to Amsterdam. Taking the concept of recovery to the next level, in other words: mental health 2.0. Consumer run initiatives and empowerment are hot items in the field of mental health in the United States of America, and we feel it should also be more acknowledged in Holland.

This very first MoleMann Tielens Empowerment Tour is yet another step towards implementing this way of treating people with emotional distress alongside “regular psychiatric treatment” within the facilities of MoleMann Tielens.

If you feel inspired by our cause, and want to help out in any way, please contact us.
We will get back to you.