Continuing Education door Mad in America.

De uitstekende blog Mad in America “is designed to serve as a resource and a community for those interested in rethinking psychiatric care in the United States and abroad.” In december zijn ze met een nieuw project begonnen: Mad in America Continuing Education (MIACE). Hun doel is: “to provide online courses by internationally recognized leaders on unbiased research regarding the short and long term effects of psychiatric medications as well as alternative approaches to an over reliance on pharmaceutical interventions.”

De eerste cursus staat online: Antipsychotics: Short and Long-term Effects. Het zijn drie cursussen door psychiater Sandra Steingard en het geeft een “in-depth review of antipsychotic medications: their mechanism of action, their efficacy over the short term and long-term, and their side effects.” Er zijn officiëel erkende ‘punten’ te krijgen voor het volgen van deze cursus. Voor meer informatie ga naar:

Sandra Steingard M.D.
Sandra Steingard, M.D., is Medical Director of Howard Center, a community mental health center in Burlington, Vermont, and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

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